Photo Gallery

Tree Damage

After a tree fell on a local home, it caused substantial damage to the roof and ceiling. In this picture you can see the large hole in the roof which allowed water to come inside. Our Project Manager was able to patch the roof and quickly started on fixing the storm damage! 

Storm Damage

After a storm came through, this homeowner's garage was struck by a tree that had fallen. SERVPRO got rid of the tree and boarded up the home until the repairs team could get it rebuilt. In this case, we also boarded up the windows that had shattered as well. 

Moldy Corner

Mold can hide anywhere. It's important to be on the look out while you are doing your home cleaning to ensure mold spores are not reproducing and spreading in your home. Mold likes damp and dark places. Therefore, a corner or even a vent is a very common place!

Bathroom Mold

Bathrooms are known to keep condensation and steam, especially after long showers! This can cause mildew and mold to grow throughout the area. This picture shows just one hiding place of where mold can start to grow. It's important to check your bathrooms from time to time to make sure mold isn't present. 

Water Damage to Ceiling

Notice anything wrong with the ceiling in this picture? The ceiling is wavey and buckled from the water damage above. This is not uncommon, but it's always best to catch the damage as early as you can. 

Signs of Water

Water damage of any kind can show differently. Water circles on your ceiling can be a sure sign of a problem. When water gets soaked into the flooring, it tends to settle. Overtime, this can result in the ceiling falling through! 

Mold Removal Needed

SERVPRO was called to check on a water ring on a homeowners ceiling and this picture shows what was found! It's important as a homeowner to pay attention to your home. When you notice something going on, call someone! It could save your home and your health!

Church Mold

After years and years of unknown water damage and leaking behind the counters, mold had began to grown and spread throughout the walls. Luckily they found it and called SERVPRO to remove it before it got worse! 

Commercial Mold

Mold can hide anywhere, even in little cracks of the doors! In this commercial building, mold was visible but ended up being a lot more than what it originally looked like. With mold, it's never just as it seems. If you see speckles, chances are it's in more places than you think. It's always best to call the professionals. 

Home Fire

Isn't this picture scary? This was someone's home and place of comfort before the crisis happened. It's so important to be ready for an emergency and to have a plan in place for you and your loved ones to follow. 


In this picture, you can see the homeowner's couch that was completely engulfed in the fire. This is a great example of what a fire can do to your belongings. Always have an emergency plan in the event a crisis, like a fire, hits your home. The more prepared you are, the less damage than can occur! 

Advertising Firm Loss

When a pipe line busts, this advertising business called SERVPRO! After extracting water in several rooms throughout the company, a complete drying took place. In just a matter of days the business was back up and running like it never even happened! 

Storm Loss

Storms and heavy raining can do numerous damages to your home. While heavy rainfall comes down, there's no telling where it will travel. In this case, the rain ended up coming through the storm door of this home and flooding the first floor! 

Hiding Mold

Mold can hide anywhere- behind walls, in the ceiling, or under the flooring. It can be detrimental to health and those who are breathing it in. Because of this, it's important to have it properly tested and removed from the areas it's living! 

Commercial Ceiling

When a building has multiple floors, it's not uncommon for water to seep through to the level underneath! When this occurs, the ceilings have a greater chance of falling down. If you notice your business having dark spots or "halos" around light fixtures, you may have a water loss!

Wet Subfloor

This picture is an example of how sub flooring can hold water! Even if you think the tile or the carpeting on top of the sub floor is dry, it may have already seeped through and affected more than you think! When flooding or a leak occurs, it's important to make sure all materials are corrected before the problem gets worse! 

Grease Fire

While cooking can be a fun activity, it's important to keep your attention close by! In this home, the client was making an afternoon snack when she got distracted just for a moment and this is the outcome. Fires can happen quickly and spread even quicker. One tip is to keep an extinguisher close by in the event of an outbreak.  

Crime Scene Clean Up

Here's the owner of the SERVPRO of Anson, Stanly & Richmond frandchise getting ready to perform a clean up pertaining to a crime scene! As you can see, a lot of supplies goes into different clean ups but SERVPRO is always prepared. 

SERVPRO Equipment

This shows the SERVPRO equipment set up after a flood! In this picture it has four air movers and one dehumidifier. Our technicians are trained on the specifics of setting up equipment in the most effective way for each job!

Mold Removal

In this picture, one of our trained technicians are removing mold form a client's home! You never know what your walls may hold so be sure to stay up to date on testings to better protect your family!

Hurricane Irene Damage

After crisis hit a local family, they reached out to SERVPRO for help. Here is the crew checking out a home that was struck by a natural disaster. Many homes were hit during this storm, but SERVPRO was quick to respond!

Cleaning Fire Damage

A home fire left our customer surrounded by smoke damage. In this picture you can see one of our certified SERVPRO technicians cleaning the walls. Just notice the difference already!